15- & 30-Year Mortgages vs. Renting: A Cost Analysis

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15- & 30-Year Mortgages vs. Renting: A Cost Analysis
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What's the truth on 15-year vs. 30-year vs. 租赁场景,当谈到投资回报? In this example, there's an obvious answer.

让我们来看看一个假设的购房者,他的整个成年生活都住在同一个地方. We’ll name her Jennifer.

为了简单起见,我们假设Jennifer从25岁到75岁住在那里. 在一个时间轴上,她以30年的抵押贷款买下了这处房产. In another, she gets a 15-year mortgage. 在第三条时间线中,她租下了这处房产整整50年. 我们假设的哪个版本的英雄做出了最好的财务选择?


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What’s the total cost of a 15-year mortgage?

本例中的15年抵押贷款(房屋价值约为362美元),000) will cost the homeowner a total of $612,000 by the end of its term. 租赁期结束后,房主仍需缴纳财产税.

詹妮弗25岁,于2021年9月以362250美元的价格买了一套房子. She makes a 3.5%的首付(联邦住房管理局贷款计划的最低要求),并申请15年, $350,000 mortgage loan.

15-year mortgages tend to have lower interest rates. She locks in a fixed 2.37% rate on her mortgage. Using our handy mortgage calculator,我们可以确定詹妮弗在整个抵押贷款期间将支付多少.

詹妮弗的月供大概是3400美元. 这包括本金、利息、税和保险. This does not take the typical rising of property taxes into consideration. 但我们将公平地将同样的规则应用到我们的30年抵押贷款和租赁场景中.

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Because of amortization, most of her early payments will consist of interest, 剩下的都是贷款的本金. 随着本金的减少,每个月的利息也在减少. 在2036年还清本金之前,每笔付款都包括更少的利息和更多的本金.

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在15年的时间里,詹妮弗将支付大约66232美元的利息. With the principal added, it’s $416,232. With principal, interest, taxes, 加上保险(抵押贷款的每一部分),她总共要支付612美元,000.

What’s the total cost of a 30-year mortgage?

本例中的30年抵押贷款(房屋价值约为362美元),000) will cost the homebuyer a total of $883,080 by the end of its term. 租赁期结束后,房主仍需缴纳财产税.

让我们假设和之前一样的事实,但这一次, 詹妮弗得到了一笔固定利率为3的30年期抵押贷款.05 percent. 她可能期望在2051年9月每月支付2453美元.

当詹妮弗15年的抵押贷款完成时,她将支付184,624美元的利息. Adding the principal, that’s $534,624. With principal, interest, taxes, 加上保险(抵押贷款的每一部分),她将支付883美元,080.


租一处房产的成本取决于更多的因素,而不是我们在一个假设中所能包含的, but we can make a few assumptions.

Landlords often set monthly rent at around 0.8 to 1.1 percent of the property’s value. 就詹妮弗的情况而言,这意味着每月租金在2900美元到4000美元之间.

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假设她的房东的房租在这个范围的低端:每月3200美元. 詹妮弗每年将支付3.84万美元,从2021年到2071年,总共192万美元.


How do these costs compare?

你愿意花近200万美元住在别人拥有的房子里长达50年吗, only to be unable to pass it to your heirs?

If her home’s value increased by 3.5% each year, which is the average for residential real estate, the original $362,5万套房子50年后价值超过200万美元. 即使不是几百万美元的财产,詹妮弗也会有 something to show for all the money she put into the home.


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Now let’s look at how the costs compare directly:

花费在50年以上的总金额(续缴物业税2.5% included)


Est. resale value after fifty years (3.5% value increase each year)

15-year mortgage




30-year mortgage








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值得注意的是,很少有房主会在整个抵押贷款期间都保留房子. 30年的抵押贷款给那些希望在30年完成之前卖掉房子的人提供了优势.

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